Advertising & Sponsorship

GFM is a not-for-profit community radio station run entirely by volunteers. We broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a potential audience of 37,000 listeners. Our programmes cover a variety of different genres, local business and community issues, the local landscape and heritage, as well as output for and by young people.

GFM provides a voice for individuals and organisations with over 60 different local community groups on air each year.

Our new transmitter has enabled us to offer an improved service to a wider listening audience.

Glastonbury FM

What are the benefits of advertising on radio?

  • Radio is a trusted medium
  • Radio advertising is affordable and the production costs are low
  • Radio reaches a variety of socio-demographics
  • Radio reaches into people’s homes and workplaces
  • Listeners are a captive audience, no fast forwarding to the end of the show
  • Audiences who regularly listen to a specific programme will be hearing your advert on a regular basis

Advertising & Sponsorship

What do you get for your money?

There are several ways to grow your business with GFM:


Voice Adverts 

We can offer a choice of format for you particular business.
We can help you create your own advert.
Starting at £50 a month, the 30 to 45 second advert plays approximately once every
two hours, seven days a week, or, you can advertise as a short term promotion,
for a shorter period, for a specific event.


You can choose to sponsor a show where your company’s name and a brief branding statement are advertised several times during the show and the repeat.
From £25 a month, you can become a show sponsor.

Other Advertising Opportunities