Insurgent Souls

Presented by Cloud and Owl

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Friday 7:00 pm 9:00 pm

Insurgent Souls

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Cloud & Owl present Insurgent Souls; a two hour bi-weekly show traversing all manner of musical fields, with a penchant for the progressive. From rock to techno and anything with a pulse and a soul, in-between. Head music. Dance music. Sounds to get lost to.

The show gathers leftfield, esoteric and progressive tracks from across the musical spectrum, all connected by a vitality of expression, message and emotion but not limited by genre. Post-rock, psychedelia, space chanteurs, afro beat, jazz, house, minmal, dipping into the underground stream of electronic music, alongside folk, dub and ambient. From the new to the classic. Local and further afield.

The second half of each show features an hour long mix. Alternating between Cloud and Owl and special guests. Anyone interested in putting together a mix for the show, or sending us music is very much invited to get in touch.

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