Folk and Blues show

Presented by Richard Harris

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Monday 7:00 pm 9:00 pm

Folk and Blues Show

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My love of music and tradition has developed into the Folk and Blues Show;  I like to play the music that you don't always here on the radio especially from artists that put a lot of effort into their music but because they're not mainstream get very little recognition.  Folk music is a deep rooted tradition and culture within Britain that covers such a wide and diverse musical range.

The Blues is a part of folk as well and some say we would not have had folk music if it was not for the blues.

I get lots of CDs sent in the post from listeners and PR companies around the globe; I open these up on the show, one of which will be 'CD of the week' in my feature  'What's in the post?' In the summer months I celebrate Morris Dancing with 'The Morris Round-Up'  - for all your Morrissing needs! and at the end of each show there may even be Time for Tom? as Tom Waits for no-one.  Just an opportunity to close the weekly show playing a Tom Waits tune.

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