Advertising & Sponsorship

The easiest and most economical way for a business to reach more customers in their local community is to advertise locally with Gfm.

Gfm is the local community radio station for Glastonbury, Street, Wells and the surrounding area. Through our music and talk programmes we reach a wide audience of differing ages and tastes.

Gfm is at the heart of the local community. Advertise with us and you could be too. We work closely with our advertisers and sponsors, many of whom feature in our programming.

What are the benefits of advertising on radio?

  • Radio is a trusted medium
  • Radio advertising is affordable and the production costs are low
  • Radio reaches a variety of socio-demographics
  • Radio reaches into people’s homes and workplaces
  • Listeners are a captive audience, no fast forwarding to the end of the show
  • Audiences who regularly listen to a specific programme will be hearing your advert on a regular basis

What do you get for your money?

There are several ways you can grow your business with GFM:


On Air adverts

We can offer a choice of format for you particular business. We can help you create your own advert.

Starting at £50 a month, the 30 to 45 second advert plays approximately once every two hours, seven days a week, or, you can advertise as a short term promotion, for a shorter period, for a specific event.


One Voice AdvertTwo Voice AdvertThree Voice Advert
3 Month Contract

Per Month: £50.00
Total cost: £250.00

Six Month Contract

Per Month: £45.00
Total cost: £370.00

12 Month Contract:

Per Month: £40.00
Total cost: £580.00
3Month Contract

Per Month: £50.00
Total cost: £270.00

Six Month Contract

Per Month: £45.00
Total cost: £390.00

12 Month Contract:

Per Month: £40.00
Total cost: £600.00
3 Month Contract

Per Month: £50.00
Total cost: £290.00

Six Month Contract

Per Month: £45.00
Total cost: £410.00

12 Month Contract:

Per Month: £40.00
Total cost: £620.00


You can choose to sponsor a show where your company’s name and a brief branding statement are advertised several times during the show and the repeat.

From £25 a month, you can become a show sponsor.

3 month contract6 month contract12 month contract
£25 per month£22.50 per month£20 per month

Other Advertising options

12 month Homepage Advert


12 month  Business Friends  Contract

If you want to support community radio but can’t afford a full advert you can become a business friend with a link to your website for just £10 a month (by standing order)


Short Term Infomercial Contract


Current track